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  1. Have some coupons/rebate forms to spare or are you looking for some?

    Well you've come to the right can also trade coupons and rebate forms on CWC as well! :)

    For example, I know there are a lot of folks always looking for formula coupons for their...
  2. Catalina Coupon to be used towards Beef purchase...YAY!

    Just thought I'd share...

    Not sure if this is something that has just started or not...but today while at a local Food Lion, I happened to see a Catalina coupon (coupons printed at the register)...
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    North Carolina :)

    North Carolina :)
  4. I would say my favorite is when I went to Harris...

    I would say my favorite is when I went to Harris Teeter and came out with several bags of items and my OOP (out of pocket) was $1.xx!
  5. Thread closed!

    Thread closed!
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    I don't usually dress up...but anything is...

    I don't usually dress up...but anything is possible! lol ;-)
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    Very good idea! It always helps to know the...

    Very good idea! It always helps to know the couponing policy for each store!
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    Great list for those who may not be in the "know"...

    Great list for those who may not be in the "know" of the couponing lingo. :)
  9. Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent $ coupons needed!

    At Walgreens this week, you can get a great deal on Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent.

    The 25 - 32 load bottles and the 21-count bags of Power Paks are on sale for $1.99/each.

    No coupons needed!...
  10. I'm looking for some new easy dinner recipe ideas...please share yours!

    Hi there!

    I'm tired of making the same recipes over and over again...and am in need of some new recipes...please share any easy dinner recipes you may have so I can add to my recipe collection.
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    Buy 5 save $5 - Rice Krispy Deal

    Buy 5 Save $5 - Rice Krispy Treats

    Buy 5 packages @ $1.99 each
    Save $5 instantly

    Each package comes out to be $0.99/each with promo!

    Pay $4.95 (plus applicable tax)

    *Note: Must buy all...
  12. What Fall/Halloween Traditions do you have?

    I always take my two daughters to the local fall festivals in the area throughout the months of October/November.

    On Halloween we always head over to my MIL's and let her see their costumes and...
  13. Share your favorite Christmas Tradition...

    Mine would be cookie baking with my family...we bakes multiple kinds of cookies...but the the most fun is decorating the cutout cookies!
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    Frosty! Love snowmen!

    Frosty! Love snowmen!
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